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A950 Wall Mount articulating backward forward Long Arm special for TV, Panel PC, Touchscreen, All in one PC

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Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Easy to install with the perfect wall mount parts for medical computer, industrial PC, hospital, doctor, patient
  • Made of 100% recycled aluminum material for strength and stability
  • Main construction made by iron, covered by aluminum and plastic in the conjunction
  • Adjustable position, meets any 4 holes standard (75x75,100x100mm) in the monitor back
  • Length: 147cm, Height: 90cm, Weight: 7kgs,
    OEM fixed Load: 3,4,5,6,7,8kgs before shipping
  • Horizontal distance:147~44cm, Panel swivel: 120 degrees, tilt: 40 degrees
  • Any Directions movement, collected in vertical position
  • optional keyboard aluminum tray

Safety/Quality Approvals:

  • Multi Countries Patent

    Scope –supporting a load up to 8Kg in a "floating manner" at any given point within the practical range of the arm. [Floating manner means – load shall not move by itself from the last position it was left by the user!]

    Practical Range –Max. Radius of operation 1.8 meters and 1 meter of vertical movement.

    Load Flexibility – Load connected via a swivel joint at the end of the Arm. This "swivel" connection allows the user to tilt the load around a "floating" pivot point in all directions [more than half spherical volume]. As the load tilting is finished, the load remain in a fixed floating position.

    Activation – all movements of the load is easy, effortless and smooth! The user will manually move the load, tilt it as needed for the treatment procedure and then leave it! The Load remain fixed in this last position! Only further manual push/pull/tilt will move it. If a mechanical locking/friction mechanism is required, it should work automatically, with no intervention of the operator!

  • Similar Model: A566, A811, A910, A951
Application (for operating room, patient ward ...)

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